Bridging Offline and Online Marketing Efforts

One thing all marketers agree upon…if you don’t know something exists you don’t know to search for it on Google. While consumers are increasingly embracing the online marketplace for transacting, offline marketing initiatives continue to be a key driver in generating awareness for your product or service. Unfortunately, the ability to gauge the true impact of offline marketing is becoming more challenging each day.

Vincodo can assist your marketing efforts by bringing back visibility to your offline campaign performance as well as utilizing your offline data to your advantage in your online marketing initiatives. An effective marketing mix consists of both offline and online marketing efforts, leveraging data matchbacks and cross-device tracking to ensure a complete multi-touch attribution assessment of all your campaign initiatives. With our clients, we assist in helping our clients prove that traditional marketing efforts still have a place in your Omnichannel marketing strategy

Acquisition Email Marketing

From initial consult to research, contact strategies and expedition, we provide relevant email marketing lists for new customer acquisition. We constantly use “learning” through continuous testing to improve conversion rates and ROI.

Our experts follow best practices to ensure the deployment of relevant and responsive emails on all devices, which improves engagement rates. Email Enhanced provides the tools necessary to implement successful multi-channel + marketing campaigns while keeping costs low and ROI high.

Direct Mail Marketing

Whether you’re implementing a new direct marketing acquisition program or improving on an existing one, our consultants are specialists. We leverage our experience with data to identify the key variables, the best sources and segments to create a customized prospect database. This includes clone and response models providing scalable solutions and response analysis backing into your ROI. We continually provide insight to both consumer and business marketers as the programs evolve.

Email and Data Appending

Employing a multi –vendor approach we advise and partner with the most reputable append providers in the industry to yield the highest quality and match results. We also have the ability to on-board the appended email data to maximize user engagement using a mixture of digital and media services.

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