Are You Doing More Than Just Posting & Tweeting?

The new reality is that simply putting up a Facebook Fan Page or a YouTube channel is just the starting point of a strategy…and that is where most Advertisers have gone wrong. When your organic social media growth has all but screeched to a halt, Vincodo can show you how paid social needs to be part of your marketing mix. Target your audience on the right social channels with paid social advertising.

Multiple Social Ad Platforms, Varying Challenges

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are huge and deserve your attention. But they’re not the only players on the field, and they may not be the best option for your particular brand, or for every campaign. Instagram delivers more brand engagement than Facebook and Twitter to millennials, the next generation of spenders. The purchasing power of their heavily female audience of Pinterest is impossible to ignore although their paid social options are fairly new.

Paid Social is similar to yet different from other digital display and video advertising due to device type, user involvement with the content and to formats, plus the tools and targeting provided by social media.

Why Advertise When Social Media Is Free?

There is a limit to the viral nature of social media.  In many cases, to get a viral movement going, it takes some advertising dollars at launch.  Not to mention your customers are constantly using these platforms daily at a rate higher than their email inbox.   Here is just a few of the opportunities available:

  • API-integrated tools with Facebook & Twitter for easy campaign management
  • Page Like campaigns to build a fan base for communication
  • Page Post Boost that reactivate dormant fans
  • Precision targeting by creating custom audiences from first party advertiser data
  • Remarketing lists, look-alike models and behavioral targeting data to better target audiences and messages
  • Aggressive CPC and CPM bid price management
  • Backend performance metrics integrated with website analytics

Vincodo is making paid social work at scale for both lead generation and merchandise sales…for both prospecting and remarketing.  Contact us to find out more about how we can expand your Social Media strategy.